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Former Canadian minister of Defence addresses to all people eye to eye in March 2015, giving full disclosure. Over 90 years of age, he has nothing to lose.

In a 34 minute address he explains that a collective group, wealthier than the US, is actually executing the plan to seize total control by their big concentrated private banking cartel in where money issuing by debt has become their exclusive right. The oil cartel is their part and control over government is seized by them since Eisenhower, and over the military complex. He calls them the ‘money mafia’.

In 1997 the Project of the New American Century came about (PNAC, chairman Jeb Bush). People were kept unaware, but we have internet now. Still, many are oblivious, but it’s in full progress. It’s a pact between both American parties and Netanyahu. The plan is to seize total control and secure Israel at all cost, and to fight for total global control as next step. Attacking Iraq was the 1st stage. Justification was constantly presented as a lie, and the presenters were exactly those who created PNAC in the first place. Planning total control outside the US goes back ~70 years.

It explains the same faces appearing in the White House staff and advisers, keeping the public misinformed since they won’t swallow the project according to them. Most all of them are always from Wallstreet/banking, oil or affiliated. Parties and presidents don’t matter. European and Australian powers team since they all operate international, either new or old power families. It explains why nothing changes, wars and debt only expand continuously. The US simply are an easy soil to organise. Specially since they received the leading and reserving role after WWII; the Bretton Woods conference.

In the US, full control over money supply is a fact since 1913 when the FED came into existence, which is privately owned.
Last research done reveals: Bank of New York, JP Morgan Chase (Rockefeller, JP Morgan), Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo, Citigroup (Blackstone Group, The Vanguard Group, Fidelity Investments, State Street Global Investors, Capital Research and Management).

In the EU, full control over the money supply is a fact since the Lisbon treaty, dec. 2007. This is the same text as the European constitution, disapproved by the people by referendum. But the title was renamed later and signed anyway.

All electronic money now indeed comes into circulation based on nearly no backing by hard currency (witch matches the Basel accords), and by lending at private banks only (with interest). Governments are forbidden to issue electronic money, so can only lend from private investment banks to get new money. Governments can print cash but by now, only ~3% in the economy is coins and paper.
Gold backing ended in 1971, and the relative very small gold reserves remaining have become a fraction of possible hard currency, since much of it was sold for the massive military expenditures during the 60s and 70s.

We the people have no other choice than to take a mortgage for a house since renting has become insanely expensive, while jobs are destroyed in the last decades massively. Remaining tasks have become ever more low paid.

Since the money mafia is hardly required to back up their money creation with hard currency or own assets, but receive interest from us (and governments) anyway, they are able to leverage almost nothing to monstrous capitals for themselves; skimming interests received by ~95% for their own as well. Again, these banking rules are set in the Basel accords. The EU even apply them by EU guideline CRD-IV.

It explains why public wealth is being destroyed by the super wealthy privates, leaving a plutocracy.
The banking mafia has created constant wars and perpetual debt to get what they want: total control.

Take your time to all he has to say ! Share it as much as you can please !

Next, take time to understand the banking scam which this blog is all about.
It’s even a simple scam and people really should understand it: The Daily Lie.


RubleSymbolIn April 2012 I started this blog. I am deeply motivated to expose the crooked dysfunctional financial system we all live in today. It’s causing wars and crises. 2007/8 Was no exception. And it’s causing high tension now between Russia and the US/EU.

I encourage reading earlier posts and also to forget about ‘Zeitgeist’ or ‘Thrives’ for a moment.

Both have done a great job, but they explains high finance before 2000 which is already deeply rotten. But it has exponentially accelerated since 2000 and crashed in 2007/8 because of a critical new ingredients: the fast rise of the Swaps, and specially the fast rise of the Credit Default Swap (CDR).

The CDR is recognised to be the prime cause of the last crash which was almost fatal.

The financial rotten system since 2000 in its core is really very simple to understand.
Explained here: The Daily Lie.
And very elaborate, including names of those responsible, here: Modern Plofkip Bankieren (Dutch).

Growth = Must = Manipulation to growth = Must
If Growth = not = Economic collapse

We are now in 2015…. Something changed? Nope. Tension between the US/EU and Russia is next.
People should rise up based on present knowledge, not on what was…

If we don’t understand how the elite cooks their banquet today, and as long as we are behind reading past methods, then they will keep hijacking us and we must eat their tasty but vicious dinner.

Then the elite will deal with us rather than we deal with the elite.

1. Russia

In this post I will explain the Russian financial structure, as it’s pegged to the US dollar and IMF as well.
The BRICs countries are tired of it and motivated to unwrap their dependence on it.
Explained here: Oekraine en Massa Bedrog (Dutch).

Putin can do this now, since Russia is totally debt free again since 2006 (!)

Putin was very clear during the Valdai World Order Discussion Club, 2014.
Officially recorded and published on Youtube

He stated seeing a bi-polar world. In other words, two world trade and reserve currencies systems existing in parallel, rather than a global pegging to the US dollar and IMF power only.
Also China favours it, as do Brasil, India and South Africa. And more countries will be joining BRICs.

Historic awareness is crucial. We should learn from it, however;

after reading this section 1 and 2, you can scroll straight to 8, but I would read section 4 too;
it explains the direct financing of Rotschild-Schiff of the Russian Revolution in 1917 which was to establish the USSR for decades to come.

In essence:

Before 1917 (Tsar ruling) and during Soviet ruling, no commercial bank ever was allowed to become bigger than the state (the opposite in Europe already in 1885). And no commercial bank was ever allowed to create money. Peter the Great standardised the silver Ruble. It was the only lawful mean of exchange in Russia. Although gold and platinum denominations were also accepted.

This had worked well during the 500 century era of the Tsar and vast decades of the USSR.
It contaminated in the 70s and 80s. The disaster of Chernobyl in 1987 illustrated the last straw.

I’m not saying that Russia was exactly heaven. Eurasia was in constant war and people suffered.
And jewish oil barons in the Caucasus and steel magnates later used workers almost as slaves.
Social and economic conditions in Eurasia were dreadful.

Russia was portrayed being far behind on the west. But Russians, mainly farmers, lived very simple. At least the Russian finance system itself was healthy. It was stable and could not be dominated by the jewish system of Rotshchild-Warburg-Schiff.

During the 70s and 80s Russia (then USSR) started to depend on the US dollar…

2. The Caucasus and Middle East (don’t skip this)

450px-Caucasus_regions_mapThe Caucuses borders to Iran and Turkey, laying between the Black and Caspian Sea.

The Ukraine with the Crimea lays closely strategically nearby, North at the Black Sea.

Oil, natural gas and all other resources in the Middle East AND The Caucasus provide the majority of the lot we all depend on.

This was already since decades before WWII and it’s why Hitler launched operation Barbarossa.

He depended half on Rockefeller’s Standard Oil via the Union Bank corp. of NY where Prescott Bush had a leading position in the board (grandfather of G.W. and Jeb Bush). The other half came from synthetic petrol made by IG Farben.

Ford Germany made the majority of trucks for WWII and they could run on both. Of course Ford and Rockefeller were business partners. Car barons need oil barons. And Ford was anti-Semitic, so supporting Hitler as well.

Thyssen (steel baron and canon producer) saw trouble coming before WWII and opened business in NY to secure his big German industry. He established the Union Bank corp. of NY with Bush and made sure his Nazi war machines could be capitalised via this way. Also the Nazi party banked there.
But Hitler wanted a self-supportive 3rd Reich and had shortage of oil, so started Barbarossa. The battle of Stalingrad was the final turning point for that operation… It was all about Caucasian oil… as it is today.

Later in this post I will show that Stalin was a strong union leader of oil refinery in the Caucasus before he came to power during WWI in where the Russian revolution took place. Orchestrated and financed in gold billions by the Rotshchild partners, Stalin had direct contact with. It resulted in the USSR for decades to come.

You may say… come on now, this is 2015.
Well, is it?
Our western world today is deeply shaped and carved as a result of WWI, II and Vietnam.
First Iraq and now the so called Arabian spring and Ukraine are the latest game changers.

All structures and borders today are a direct result of past treaties and guidelines from those wars.
All recent big world institutions came as a result, and newer ones were constructed to overrun Asia, such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB) which is run by the same executive top officials from the UN, ECB, FED, WTO, World bank, IMF, and the private societies such as Council on Foreign Relations
(is non-governmental), Trilateral Commission (same), etc.

The ADB finances the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. That line is the actual prime cause of the US and Europe to step in. That lines is to be the 1st independent connecting line to Europe, to be finished in 2017. All the rest was a show for the oblivious. The entire story: Economy War and Realism.

More than half of the world’s resources of oil and gas are concentrated in and around the same region: Caucasus, Middle East… Also shale gas is present… Donetsk (East Ukraine).

Now, do we get the total picture ?

Corruption-Essay-In-EnglishRuthless intensely politicised private business wants to grab it all. Perhaps nations want self-sustainability, but they depend on their politicised industry and banking barons. Their networks and protégés occupy high positions.

And moreover, they totally depend on private deep politicised financiers since they still have the exclusive right to issue money out of new government debt (bonds) in both the EU and US. In the US since the FED and in the EU since the treaty of Lisbon, 2007.

See, where Rutte came from, Unilever (old Rockefeller bastion), Wouter Bos and Bolkenstein…. both from Royal Dutch Shell…
Many politicians and state officials also come from ING, Hommen, Rinnooy Kan (member of the Trilateral Commission (TLC), or Citybank, Onno Runding (also TLC).
Weijffels: Rabobank, SER, World bank, now retired but wrote an ultra-thin booklet how to reform the financial system which is a laugh. He had a leading position in the World bank. When a plane crashes we get elaborate big reports… This guy knows much better, but won’t change anything.

Look at where Joe Biden’s and John Kerry’s sons are positioned in executive positions in Burisma (shale gas exploiting, found in Donetsk a few years ago) and in investment corporations to finance it.
Or see where vice president Dick Cheney under Bush went to… CEO of oil field service company Halliburton (pipes, tooling, construction) active in the Middle East. Quite handy after false flag Iraq blown to pieces by his government.
Look where almost all US presidential staff and secretaries still come from, Goldman Sachs and other Wall street banks. The NY FED under the US FED is privately owned.
It’s the same everywhere. Draghi, president of the ECB came from Goldman Sachs. He’s also leading in the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
Deutsche Bank co-owns the FED (last research). All the FED’s presidents were/are directly from Wallstreet as well.

Royal Dutch Shell recruits most non-executives from Deutsche Bank (DB).
DB financed WWII and now with Goldman Sachs ruined Greece financially by the crashing Swaps.
Ministers of Finance, many came/come from banking and returned later, or were put there afterwards.
Christine Lagarde of the IMF… same thing.
Older families like Rockefeller have senators and states men in place, or the Bush family…

Jeb Bush was Chairman for setting up the Project of the New American Century (PNAC) with Netanyahu, and early American Neoconservatives such as Cheney, Powell, Rice and so on, in collaboration with the Neoliberals. We got false flag Iraq from that bunch and it explains almost no difference between the two American parties Democrats and Republicans. Jeb is now governor of Florida. Cheney CEO of Halliburton…

Jeb Bush’ PNAC spans decades and is to overrun the world and secure Israel. Iraq was the first step. These totally inner-obsessed small minds believe that the world should be modeled after the US. They arrogantly believe it would be the best for mankind… While the US itself is a massive patsy of selfish greed and total corruption.

After TTIP the US and EU will be one dominant force to accomplish it… that is for sure.
And NATO and the US army will be its armed force !!

They will bring the rest of the world in ruins… again !!
Jeb Bush might run for presidential election in 2016 !!

And the list goes on and on…

World business, politics, banks, media are all the same bunch. Feel free to read earlier posts where all is fundamentally connected and exposed with names.

Is this 2015? No it isn’t. It is still ape land.

3. Pre WWI (pre Russian Revolution)

NicolasIISkip it if you want since it has no relation to the dollar today.
But… it tells why Russia already back then had a strong separate standing. Tsars kept state finance away from commercial banking (Rotshchild-Warburg-Schiff marriage), steel and oil barons (left: the last Tsar, Nicolas II).

Europe and also Russia were ruled by royal aristocracy. Intermarriages, high finance and wars kept them going.
The house of Romanov ruled in Russia. Anna Palowna, the Tsar’s sister (both Romanov), married the 2nd Dutch king William II for example.

They all had the same banker, the Rotschild family.
They all depended on it.

The reason is that Dutch William III (1650 – 1702) reigned over England, Ireland, Netherlands and all their colonies such as the (first) early 13 North American Colonies.

Basically, William III reigned over a quarter of the world.

Of course gold and silver were looted from those countries, but long and many expensive wars were common in Eurasia. Britain ran into bankruptcy at one point, although William III had access to most of the gold in the world, but the royal houses lived exorbitant wealthy and wars were expensive.

Rotschild lended William as much as he wanted for 8%. In return Rothschild demanded exclusive right to issue money, instead of the state. It was done.
The Bank of England was erected. Its system was modelled after the 1st private central bank in Amsterdam which was mainly for VOC purposes.
Since then we live by ‘Rothschild banking’ here in the west.

Soon after, entire European royal families became heavily in debt because of their wars and Rothschild soon became bigger than each European nation.

Russia was very different.
The Romanovs and Rothschilds hated each other. Rothschild was massively active in Europe and Russia financing both their oil barons in which royal houses had shares.
But Tsar Nicholas made sure the Rotschilds and similar families would never become more powerful than the state. He kept them smaller. In fact, the Romanovs were the richest in the world.

Russia had the silver Ruble for about 500 years. Peter the Great standardized it to 28 grams of silver.
Higher denominations minted of gold and platinum were available as well.
Russia issued its money, not Rotschild nor intermarried partners Warburg and Schiff.

Meanwhile the western industrialisation based on capitalism had begun. Oil became crucial. The aristocratic elite and new money (industry) in Europe didn’t care all too much about the common people. They just wanted to live their own good life.

The Russian Family of Tsar Nicholas II was different again. They were pious Orthodox Christians. They exemplified all that is precious in a family, namely, Christian piety and love for one’s neighbour.
But again, nonetheless, life in Russia, like in Europe, was terrible and the Tsars ruled autocratic.

Although Rothschild’s related investors financed the build of railroad and access to Russian oil, Russia fell behind on the western industry but that’s was Russia’s way. From a Orthodox Christian morality they believed in simplicity, goodness and love for one’s neighbour. The land provides… a farmer state, like islam in the Ottoman Empire, or the christian puritans in the US.

But during the upcoming industrial revolution ever more people went from their farms to work in privately owned factories where conditions were awful.

Oil from Russian Caucasus was mainly transported to the West for their big industrial barons such as APOC (now BP), Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, Royal Dutch Shell (Bataafse Petroleum Maatschappij with the royal house as main share holder), etc.
Deutsche Bank was and still is Shells’ banker. This bank was run by the Rotschild’s Warburg family branch, into WWII and financed the vast majority of industry, war (also WWII) and royal families.
Russia didn’t need much oil, but the western and Russian oil barons pumped, refined and traded it.
The Tsar let them be to a certain point as all royal houses had shares and profit from it.

Workers were almost treated like slaves.

Deutsche Bank is still co-owner of the FED today (most recent research) after it was setup by initiative of Paul Warburg (Jekyll Island meeting to write draft legislation with directly lobby).
The FED was erected in 1913 approved by Congress during the last Christmas recess.
It is a direct lobbied private entity, and still is. Again, Deutsche Bank is still co-owner.

In 1815 something went wrong for the Rothschilds in the Congress of Vienna, which started in September, 1814 and concluded in June of this year. This congress was for the Rothschilds to create a form of world government, to give them complete control over much of the civilized world.

Many of the European governments were deeply in debt to the Rothschilds, so they used that as a bargaining tool. However Tsar Alexander I of Russia, who had not succumbed to a Rothschild central bank, was against the plan, so the Rothschild world government plan failed.

This left the Rothschilds in total anger. They retaliated 100 years later, agreed by British King George V who envied his cousin Nicolas II.

4. Russian revolution 1917 during WWI

rothschild-hid-hand-orgAnother section you can skip if you want, but…

It does explain how it was financed by Rothschild-Schiff, the Tsar family assassinated as retaliation, all State and Romanovs gold then looted and brought to Paris and London. The Rotschilds leaving the country were very well compensated on top of all, and the USSR under Stalin came out of it. All exactly as they had carefully planned and wanted.

In 1905 Jackob Schiff (a Rothschild intermarried partner as Warburg) financed the war of Japan against Russia. He earned a Medal of the Japanese Emperor ! Schiff’s puppet Teddy Roosevelt won a Nobel Peace Prize !

In the same year (1905), Rothschild’s Reds used the opportunity to attempt a Russian revolution, after an all out country wide worker’s strike in 1904. Even peaceful worker’s demonstrations had led to killings by the guard of the Tsar’s winter palace where workers donated their demands. So Rothschild took the opportunity soon but the attempted coup failed.

WWI was a European expansion by banking war once again. It started with Italy wanting to be a super power and needed financing. Germany was the example. Scattered Italy reunited as Germany did. Italy’s eyes were initially on the the less equipped Ottoman army in Ottoman Libya as an easy prey. That less successful, Italy ignited the Balkan war to form a second front. The assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand by a Serb resulted in WWI as the newspaper hype (who owned them?) blaming Serbia.
Italian Libya was one of the results after WWI.
When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia declared was on Austria-Hungary. Within a few weeks, Germany, Ottoman Turkey and Austria-Hungary were at war with Russia, France and Britain.

Rothschild had the lower hand in funding Russia for WWI, which was the opposite in Europe.
So during WWI Rothschild took advantage to get the upper hand in Russia. It was this Jew, Jacob Schiff, who brought Leon Trotsky (born “Lev Bronstein”) to New York in February 1916.

Trotsky and Lenin both had fled or emigrated to Western Europe since they were senior active figures of the revolutionary Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (Bolsheviks and Mensheviks).
They became Marxists and it was in Europe where they could hold constructive meetings without being arrested again.
In New York, Trotsky recruited Russian jews from New York’s Russian jewish immigrant population in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and trained them as revolutionaries.

On March 27 1917, Trotsky and his 300 well-trained jewish communists from Manhattan’s Lower East Side, boarded the Norwegian steamer “Kristianiafjord” for a journey that brought them to St. Petersburg in Russia.
(Early March – late February Julian Calendar then used in Russia – an orchestrated revolt in St. Petersburg had already begun know as the February Revolution. It had started on Women’s Day.)

Trotsky’s purpose was to secure and establish a Marxist government under the leadership of Lenin, himself and Stalin. Before departing, Jacob Schiff gave this group 20 million USD in gold.
This came from their special firm setup earlier in NY, called ‘American International corp.’

With support from inside the Social Democratic party and many of the jewish-run soviets, Lenin, joined by Trotsky from New York, gained the upper hand over the Kerensky government.

In August of 1917, the Russian Royal Family fled to Tobolsk in Siberia, after the Tsar abdicated. They stayed at the Governors House until April 1918. They hoped to escape to England where King George V, a Romanov cousin, would hopefully grant them refuge. But he refused due to pressure from jewish lobbies.

After abdication, the still sitting Tsar-era-administration formed a provisional government, but the Red October revolution of 1917 secured Lenin as 1st Chairman of the 1st all-Soviet government.

On April 22 1918, the jew, Jacob Sverdlov, 1st President of the Soviet Union, sent his aide, the jew, Yankel Yakovlev, to Tobolsk to persuade Tsar Nicholas II to agree to sanction the Brest-Litovsk peace treaty. Tsar Nicholas refused for he considered the treaty an ‘eternal disgrace to Russia.’ He did though agree to return to Moscow as he was told that the Germans were willing to grant him asylum.

They got as far as Ekaterinburg in the Urals where the train was halted by the Regional Soviets dominated by four jews, Goloshchekin, Safarov, Voikov and Syromolotov. These four communists appointed the jew, Jacob Yurovsky, son of a local jewish ex-convict, as the head the local Cheka (Soviet Secret Police) in Ekaterinburg. Yurovsky was given the assignment to imprison, plan, and carry out, the assassination of the Russian Royal Family.

Yurovsky brought the Russian Royal Family to a former house of a wealthy jewish merchant named Ipatiev, now made into a prison for the Tsar and his family. It should be noted that Ekaterinburg, named after named after St Catherine the Great, was renamed “Sverdlovsk” in 1924 in honor of Jacob Sverdlov who gave the final order to execute the Russian Royal Family.

On July 4 1918, Yurovsky dismissed all the Russian soldiers who were guarding the Tsar except for a Pavel Medvedev, a Cheka jewish spy. Yurovsky replaced the loyal-to-the-Tsar Russian soldiers with jewish communist assassins from Hungary. That they were Jewish communists from Hungary, their scribbling on the walls indicated.

Karl Marx at the time was also funded by Rothschild. From his education in France and England, Marx developed his personal Communistic ideals and wrote the Communist Manifesto, although we can estimate quite rightly that these ideas, in reality based on dictatorial rule that no one wanted, were refined for public distribution.

The following letter by Baruch Levy, to Marx, reflects Weishaupt’s dictatorial socialism in a Zionistic format:

“The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this “new world order” the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands” (from `La Revue de Paris’, p. 574, June 1, 1928.

Meanwhile the Rothschild banking family settled the first Russian jews in what was to become Israel, starting in 1880, 17 years prior to the 1st zionist convention in 1897. The Rothschilds took leading positions in the zionist movement, financed the settlements and bought a gigantic piece of land for investments. The Rothschild statue still stand in Tel Aviv and a road is named after the family.
British Lord Rothschild (leader of the British zionist movement) forwarded the Balfour Declaration to the British government which was returned to him signed. It stated that a homeland for the jews in Palestine was to be secured. A part that belonged to the Ottoman Empire. And it all happened.

After the Russian Revolution and establishment of the USSR, each Kibbutz became militarised by Russian weapons to drive the Palestinians out with militia and guerrilla tactics to expand the territory by rapid emerging new settlements, connecting them with roads like a spider web Palestinians were not allowed to use. A tactic still used today.

To no surprise the Palestine people who lived there for centuries revolted. After Israel became a reality in 1948/9, the PLO was formed as a greater revolt with Arafat as leader. The PLO was of course flagged as terrorists.

After the Russian revolution and the entire Romanov’s assassinated, all Russian state and Romanovs gold was brought to Paris and London.
The gold was split. A part for King George V and the other part for Rotschild. With this gold, they bought their direct way further into the FED which had recently come into place via partner and family Paul Warburg via the Jeckyll Island meeting.

Again in the new USSR, the state controlled creation its own money entirely, stopping spiraling inflation.

5. Stalin

stalinWhere did Stalin come from (skip this part too if you want).

Stalin was an unlawful born child as a result of quick one stance adultery sex between Ketevan ‘Keke’ Jughashvili neé Geladze (beautiful 20-year-old woman worked as a laundress for a jewish wine merchant in the Georgian city of Gori) and Maurice Ephrussi who was the 2nd biggest oil magnate in Russia and an agent for Rotschild.

All oil workers lived in the city of Baku (Caucasus oil fields).

Maurice took care of Keke and the child in secret. Stalin was given a job in one of Rotschild’s refineries where he was made a strong leader of the union.

In 1901 already, Baku delivered half the world’s oil. Stalin had great knowledge of the oil industry and his connections to the top of oil and politics were direct. The perfect puppet.

But in 1912, Eduard the Rothschild, Alphonse’s son, sold most of the Rotschild oil interests to Royal Dutch Shell. The Rothschild took most payments in the form of Shell shares.

So after the Soviets came to power the Rothschilds cashed out and left Russia. Their ex-palace is now the Azerbaijan Justice Ministry.

6. The obsessive self-indulged

Jews are to blame for all the world’s misery? That’s not what I am saying.

It’s just that vicious, cruel, ruthless and careless families like Rothschild, Morgan, Warbug, Schiff intermarried and became financially bigger than nations, except for Russia (and the Ottoman empire).

As the jewish population lived in exile, most of them homed in Germany and Russia (and Spain). Any public profession for them was forbidden, so most of them went into currency exchange and business from small to huge industrial scale. The different jewish populations throughout Europe had loose ties. But as they intermarry mostly, the whole is kept segregated.
Their commerce, lobbies and high financial domination over vast parts of Europe, Russia, and later the US, made that they had the upper hand almost everywhere, but behind the scenes.

However, there is a noticeable split into two main groups. The orthodox and secular liberals.
The last group can be majorly found in zionism. Zionists and other secular liberals have nothing with religion (judaism) whatsoever and therefore isn’t anti-Semitic. Orthodox jews oppose zionism.

In general, however, the jewish thought that either socialism or liberalism would bring them to ‘salvation’.
In other words… it doesn’t matter how. This is severely exploited by the obsessive self-indulged and explains community of Kibbutzes, the funding of the Russian Revolution as well, and support of liberal conservative directions and also those via political active faiths. But since a few years the Orthodox have come into mass demonstration against their zionist leaders which is held out of the news.

Zionism is a political segregated movement based on economic and cultural nationalism, no assimilation of others, super capitalism and without compassion of the rest. They denominate themselves as the ‘chosen people’ and think that others have less rights. They are to serve them.
All parties in Israel today carry the name ‘Zion’ in them with a few exceptions.

In the christian world almost the same happened after the reformation, especially in the UK and US. Specially the US is strongly based on protestantism from the beginning. Kennedy was the only catholic president.
In Europe, religion wasn’t a free choice. And so many went to the new continent. The Pilgrims story is famous (the reason why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving) and their bible remains at the heart of the US founding and government, specially even today.

As the US is also the land of opportunity where one could make it as a poor immigrant with modest government controls, it had set the door wide open to corruption of secular protestant and jewish secular families who are extremely obsessed greedy and addicted to power and control while being highly conservative, occupying most of high finance, top politics and top business in the US.
And is in essence, this is still the US and EU ‘landscape’ today.

It is these obsessed jewish secular liberals and their similar protestant conservative and liberal partners living by the morality to take care of yourself, your family, near community and similar thinkers. Students conforming and with compliant potential are granted scholar ships (their education is paid for).
All the rest is a threat to their way of life which they call freedom and grace. But is in fact at the profound expense of others.

These families believe that wealth belongs to them because of their brain capacity, hard work and history. And according to their morality, everything is a competition, hence a threat.
Those less erudite or with less capacity should just serve as servants and be lucky if they are granted, stay away or just die.

Since WWII we have names as well. Some never went away, some emerged.
Just some examples:

New money:
Ford, Goldman Sachs, Citi, HSBC, Coca Cola, Oppenheimer, Murdock, Sumner Redstone, Erkko (Sanoma), Walt Disney, Geffen, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Streetcorp capital, Fidelity, George Soros, Koch, etc.

Old money:
British – Belgian – Spanish – Dutch royal families, Monsanto, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Rockefeller, Morgan (GE, and Morgan banks), Deutsche Bank, Rothschild, Bush family, Kerry, Baron Michael Grade, etc.

Anyway, those in Forbes magazine’s top.

It is this group that thinks the rest of the world is best reformed in their way and have organised themselves in many concealed platforms over time (UN, WTO, WHO, Bilderberg group, AIPAC, Trilateral Commission, Round Tables, many Lobby groups, Council on Foreign Relations, FED, ECB, BIS, IMF, Asian Development Bank, Plan of the New American Century (PNAC), Pilgrim Society, etc, etc…)
That’s how they really think (!)

These obsessive dominant families, their conforming students and offspring take revolving seats in transatlantic political high offices, institutions linked to banks and commerce (usually as non-executives, council members, governors or investors).
Finance of countries, business and wars depended on them, thus governments, their institutions and media.

It has formed the liberal jewish-christian tradition of modelling the western society by growth-economy in which we live today with the US Dollar as world reserve and trade fiat-currency. Anti-Russia, anti-islam have deeply rooted in those high networks as well, and everything standing is in their way is a radical or even a terrorist.

In Russia, the situation was totally different again. Russia is Orthodox Christian and Tsar Nicolas kept those greedy obsessive powers under control. The Romanovs were the world’s richest.


Archive_Miscellaneous_Znamya_the_USSR_033405_The ruthless capital families wanting to bigger than states cashed out, were nearly gone, or were left with a near dismantled network.

This communist era came out of the Russian revolution with Stalin as Chairman after the their first Chairman elected Lenin died in 1924.

All Russian finance became under control of the Ministry of Finance, called ‘Narkomfin’.

What happened in April 1920 quite quickly was the total destruction of the Baku (Caucasus) oil fields. While the Rotschilds were gone, their partners Nobel brothers were still in operation, but all oil fields were destroyed is a massive raid with hundreds of thousands massacred.

For the Rockefeller and Rotshchilds this was great. Although Rotschild and Nobel had build the first oil tankers from Baku, the plan was that global oil prices would go up high after Bakus’s destruction.
Rockefeller and Rotschild had carved up the market.
As Rotschild-Schiff had financed the Russian revolution and got half of the Romanovs gold, as an extra, they were well compensated for the loss of their Nobel partners in which they still had a stake.

Oil exploitation of the Caucasus now came in the hands of the Soviets with strong reduced capacity but enough and against much higher global price. And this is exactly what Rockefeller, BP, Rotschild and Shell wanted, plus they had been well compensated as an extra on top of their gold seizure.

By November 1921 the State Bank (Gosbank) had the single right to handle foreign currency and valuables. It also set the official price of precious metals and exchange rate, regulating private trade in gold, silver and foreign currency on stock exchanges and cheques and bills of exchange drawn in foreign currency, which were permitted in 1922.

Two re-denominations conducted in 1922 and 1923 increased the value of Soviet paper money. During the 1st round the New Ruble of 1922 exchanged for 10,000 rubles of all that was in circulation in the country. During the 2nd round the New Ruble of 1923 exchanged for 100 rubles of the 1922 issue.

On October 11, 1922, the State Bank was granted the right to issue the chervonets (banknote backed by gold) and became the issuing centre. The chervonets ended spiraling post-war inflation.

It was however impossible to industrialise the USSR by traditional means. The public hardly had cash and savings. Loans abroad weren’t possible due to political reasons and several crises and crashes in the capital world before WWI, and mammoth debt obligations as a result of WWI.
Therefore the first commercial banks appeared in 1920 in Russia. They were strictly for short-term loans for commerce and individuals. Only the state issued Rubles and banknotes and handled long-term loans (investments).

Fierce internal struggles happened after Lenin had died. In the end Trotsky was expelled from the USSR in October 1927 due to vigorous united opposition and demonstrations, but by no way the Soviets would let the western capital jewish banking families return and between 1920 and 1930 the financial regulations reformed and even tightened.

Commercial banking was abolished in 1930 completely and the state took over short-term lending.

The state did its best to issue enough to make the planned economy and its growth possible by the most possible simple means. So, no complex financial products. The state issued money very tightly controlled and based on the gold standard.

The New Ruble and chervonets were backed by gold to a certain amount of grams.

In February 1930 all transactions to sell gold and foreign currency to private individuals for chervonets at a fixed rate were banned, the Soviet currency was withdrawn from foreign exchanges and a quoting commission was set up under the State Bank’s Board to set the exchange rates of foreign currencies.

In May 1932 the functions of the State Bank and those of the long-term investment banks (Prombank, Selkhozbank, Vsekobank and Tsekombank) were finally delineated.

8. WWII and post War USSR (don’t skip this)

Post-WWII- Map of Soviet spheres of -influence-Under Stalin millions of people either died in the war, the result of it, or were deported. Which is a human catastrophe and history will never forgive him, however this blog is about the financial system.

The USSR financial structure remained under full state control since its foundation. Founding the USSR was the goal of the Russian Revolution in 1917. Exports of rubles was prohibited since then, and the Russian state bank (Gosbank) issued just enough to do the central economic planning.

WWII for the USSR was financed by issuing state money by fourfold. No loans were needed.

The cold war started soon after WWII, in the end resulting in Vietnam which finished in 1975.
The reason was that the USSR supported Cuba, Mongolia and Vietnam economically.

Export of rubles was illegal, so this aid was done by credit against hard currency (gold).
Russian credit was interest free. This raged the western heavy politicised banking elite who were (and still are) essentially all over in high western government positions. Kennedy was well aware of this, but he had little choice than to follow. And the nuclear race and competition to the moon began.

In a speech Kennedy was open about conspiracy bigger than the US, partly referring to the deceitful founding of the FED which made the US totally depend on ever growing forced upon debt with interest, and partly referring to those dominant power elite who basically ran the world behind the curtains.
And for a while he issued debt free US notes as alternative of the mandatory fiat lending dollar at interest by the FED causing ever growing debt.
Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 and issuing of US notes ended.

The role of foreign trade of goods In the USSR was minor, less than 1%. The East block wanted self-sustainability. This was possible as Russia is big enough with all natural earth’s resources on its own soil.
Foreign trade quota were controlled by Moscow. Gold or goods were used for the limited trade outside the East block. E.g. Russia would deliver steel to Fiat. In return Fiat gave Russia the tooling and parts to produce their own variant of Fiat models (Lada).
Also US industry did business. Sometimes the USSR needed American grain when crops had failed and vice versa. For this, the USSR had to lend dollars with interest…

Where did the US had to get their money… more lending with interest from the FED as they did since 1913… which are private bankers from the start… the same in fact who were behind WWI, the Russian revolution, the Wallstreet crash of 1929 and WWII.

Because of the mammoth cost of the cold war (Vietnam and the race to the moon), in 1971 Nixon found his nation in spiraled debt. He had to let go the gold standard. Auditing the FED wasn’t possible. No one was allowed into the vaults. And for certain, almost all gold was sold to finance the cold war and Vietnam. The value of the dollar plummeted.

But the cold war had cost the USSR as well. The ruble was still backed by gold, but also Russia had to pay a heavy price. Russian gold reserves had sunk to an all time low. The cold war also had drained Russia’s satellite countries such as Hungary, DDR, etc.
The Hungarian revolution was a result as people suffered financially and we very frustrated.

But also the US and Europe were in deep economic crisis after 1973. In Britain it was the same.

The reasons were twofold.

the American industrialists and Wallstreet supported Japan. In short time, Japan’s image of inferior failing products became good, smart and very economic.
Europe and the US were flooded with these products and complete traditional European industries collapsed such as ship building, and the car industry contracted. Specially in Britain it almost vanished.
Coal industry vanished in Britain and Europe. Cheap US coax flooded these markets.

Of course who did benefit from it… During the Japan-Russian war, Rotschild-Schiff already had supported Japan, and this time it was no different for the transatlantic bankers and industrialists who were still in place. They made Japan (and crashed it in the 90s).

the oil embargo of 1973 where the Arab OAPAC proclaimed the oil block as a response to the pro-Israel support by the US in the Arab-Israel war. In that war Sadat of Egypt and Assad of Syria lead the Arab world to again wipe Israel away since it was proclaimed by deceitful corrupt nature.
The story of how Israel truly came about isn’t exactly all that well against the original inhabitants, and certainly isn’t anything we learned in college or from the media. In fact it is one of militant aggression, segregation and cruel expansion. And it is no wonder the Arabs were/are furious.
During Assad’s and Saddat’s campaign, Egypt had crossed the Suez Canal. The US came into action as Israel itself and that Canal is an investment of the Rothschild as well.
And their business with Shell, British OPAC (now BP) and Rockefeller’s met Exxon, Chevron and Mobil had build up all decisive oligopolies with all investments and clientele such as Winston Churchill, before the Arab countries had proclaimed independence after WWII, then nationalising all of their investments (oil industry).
Moscow replied by pausing its correspondence with Nixon and not take any action. Brezhnev said that ‘the US acted too nervous and seemed so easily frightened. We will not unleash a 3rd world war’.

The Middle East is a story of its own, profoundly explained here:
Puinhopen van het Arabisch Westen (~15,000 words, Dutch).

Again you’ll come across the same heavy politicised corrupted industrial names who completely had divided and segregated the century old quiet living of the Arabs within the Ottoman empire… for oil… And establish totally unnatural borders after WWI by use of their top political network (Sykes-Picot) and by leading and financing the zionist movement to establish Israel, also via corruption (Balfour Declaration).

In 1975 again an oil crisis began. OPEC simply wanted a better price. Oil that time was sold very cheap. So they started to limit transport.

petrodollar2-290x290Very viciously, Kissinger (a protégé of Rockefeller and also member of the Bilderberg group) established the petrodollar in 1975, agreed with Saudi Arabia and OPEC to stop the US dollar from falling and oil prices going up. It was agreed now that all international trade was to be done by the dollar.

(Kissinger worked for the Rockefellers prior to his political career and studied on their costs.)

The petrodollar was the Trojan horse as well to bring down the East block.
But it also meant that the entire world would now depend on it.

It is since then that the dollar gets it value by expansion of international trade (thus more debt) since gold backing was ended in 1971. If the market for dollars (thus trade, thus debt) does not expand, it falls and brings the entire financial system down. Since then… extra more growth by expansion/debt, one way or another, is a must.

During the 70s and 80s the USSR depended heavily on various fuel exports. Partly, it was a way to pay its first ever national debt, but the USSR was also considered to be an extreme reliable supplier of oil and gas.
The petrodollar also meant that there was to be no alternative than to receive dollars for Russian gas, oil and other products (as western gold was mainly gone).
The East block became depending on the fiat dollar in steps, which is a debt with interest system and became without hard backing on top of that.

Now in the first time of hundreds of years of history, Russia became depended on the Rotschild banking system… but without any hard currency behind it (gold).

As Russia now also ran into financial problems, countries like the DDR (and other USSR satellite countries) found themselves in difficulties to finance backed by Russia . The DDR needed money and had no alternative than lending it from the west, based on the petrodollar to keep the economy going, at interest of course. However, how could it back that up… It couldn’t and the DDR went bankrupt

Technological developments were reasonably on par with Europe and the US in the 50s and 60s.
From 1970 onwards, industrial development and science in the East block started to lag behind. There simply was shortage of East block investment capital as a result of the cold war and by the peg to the fiat-petrodollar (growing debt with interest without hard backing).
Although the East block was oppressive, people very much became frustrated by the growing difference compared to the west.

The world was tumultuous but with both the USSR and Western economy down, Raegan and Thatcher came to tandem-power as conservative neoliberals when the 80s began. From Raegan it is clearly known that he too came to power via the Bilderberg group financing and media network. What were they up to now again.

Both Britain and the US were economically in shatters by the cold war, Vietnam and by the big oil crises in the 70s. And American capitalisation of Japan flooded both continents with products they could not complete with.
Europe’s rebuild was near complete as well. The US had profited highly from that to-rebuild-market. In fact, that was the deal behind the Marshal Plan and willingness to help Europe to dismantle Germany’s occupation. But Europe was stagnated in the 70s and 80s, so European business for the US halted as well.
Corrupting South-America with dollars and control over their resources had come to an end as well. In fact it would contract.

Mainly because of severe shortage of capital, the mechanisation, science and product development in the USSR fell behind. This resulted in ever more failing of grain crops and thus the USSR had to lend more dollars to import goods and grain. Exporting goods to keep the financial balance didn’t work since Russian products had become inferior due to the grown lack of capital, thus investments. And export of oil and gas alone wasn´t enough.

The western banking elite obliged happily to lend since there was no room for other western expansion which the petrodollar needed. It meant huge profits again for them.

The nuclear disaster of Chernobyl in 1987 was the last straw, illustrating the collapse of the USSR.

9. The new Russia, the Dollar-Ruble

debtDuring the 80s, Gorbachev came to power. He was simply confronted with the financial situation of the USSR and frustrated people such as in the DDR. Shortly after the wall fell, I’ve been there and what I noticed was a totally rotten, fallen and ruined infrastructure in East Berlin. Almost everything was heavily smogged, untidy and broken.

Today I understand why… All currency was drained and the East had nothing to offer anymore to exchange since most gold went to the west because of spiraled debt pegged to the US dollar.

It made investments impossible as the USSR simply was bankrupt not able to develop anything.

After the Berlin wall fell in 1989, on 29 May 1990 Boris Yeltsin was elected chairman of the new Russian Supreme Soviet. On 12 June 1991 he was elected by popular vote to the newly created post of President of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR), at that time one of the 15 constituent republics of the Soviet Union.

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) was founded, July 13, 1990.
During this break-up of the USSR, regional currencies emerged.
Tumultuous times, but Russia kept the Ruble.

Russia faced the fact that it was totally bankrupt and was depending on the US dollar now.
It was forced to lend at the IMF, which is (of course) under control of Rotschild capital.

The CBR is owned by ‘The city of London’ and takes it orders from London and Washington.
This is not London as a community and city, but the financial district of London, called ‘The City’.
By Washington I mean, the government. But all staff there and many government officials in the US (check it yourself) are Wallstreet sharks since the FED exists.

Russia may not print money itself. The CBR depends totally on the US dollar, and takes orders from the Bank of England, IMF, FED and the American government.

This is how creation of new Rubles goes:

Russian private businesses and Russia itself (e.g. Gazprom) receive dollars by foreign trade.
The CBR then buys all the dollars received and brings the equivalent of new rubles into circulation.
The CBR is also forced to buy worthless US government bonds which are in the hands of the western commercial banks in order to lend money at interest to the US government (but had become worthless). The FED also buys some of those, but defers them to the CBR.

So basically new dollars come into existence while destructing people’s wealth… But that’s not new since the FED… Just this time Russia has been schemed into it…

10. Russia’s fight for financial sovereignty

When Putin was elected in 2000, he faced Russia bankrupt and completely hijacked by the financial western elite. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the IMF, which is basically under the regime of Rotschild. Russian foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London ‘Club Of Creditors’ was over 36 billion dollars.

1101071231_400Putin took advantage of the boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil and gas producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices and Russia’s direct contracts with Iran and Syria (historic oil and gas rich neighbours near the Caucasus) made that the Caucasus and the Middle East rule provide world with oil and specially natural gas.
Europe became largely depend on Gazprom.

It all greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.

The fight in Afghanistan is nothing else than the creation of the first western independent gas pipeline as it was the first thing to secure when NATO arrived. And Iraq was a false flag.
The Taliban had abandoned the western deal, but the west wants it pipe.

The same goes for the a line over Syria which British engineers started to build from Qatar over all the pro-west Arab nations via Saudi Arabia to Turkey. Just pro-Russia Syria was in the way. Assad didn’t approve but the engineers continued building. This was late 2009.
Another crucial line goes from Egypt over Syria to the Caucasus bypassing Israel.
The Arab spring in 2010?
All tumult and rebelling started exactly where those lines run, which is no coincidence.

By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt. Russia’s financial dependence on the Rotschild-mafia financiers was now over. Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s campaign slogan: ‘Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia! ‘

This slogan continues to make the western politicised banking elite very nervous…

In Dec. 2007 Putin was the Person of the Year in Times Magazine.
Soon after he and Russia are being portrait as bad continuously.

The CBR system has not changed yet, but now all debt is paid is back.

The establishment of BRICs and its AIIB (alternative to World Bank) is the next step and well underway. The BRICs countries are motivated to unwrap their dependence on the fiat-petrodollar, FED, World Bank and IMF.
Explained here: Oekraine en Massa Bedrog (Dutch).

But after MH17 and the fast boycott of the west, the inflow of dollars of course plummeted which made the Ruble’s value fall by 39%.

So apparently… this was part of the plan too… To disrupt Russia financial sovereignty and force it back under Rotschild debt control.

Putin wants nothing to do with that and has stated on December 15 2014 that the CBR will become a state bank again. He has even filed an international arrest against the Rotschild family, as a symbol.
As a direct result, Dec. 15, 2014, all traders were messaged to be aware that the USD/RUB pair will be discontinued further and are requested not to open new USD/RUB positions.

The CBR has become the main share holder too again of the Sberbank of Russia. Founded in 1841,
it’s the oldest people’s savings bank in Russia providing short-mid-term loans and exchange for small business people’s use.

It was under state control during both rulings of the Tsar and USSR.

After the US/EU coup d’état over Ukraine, boycotting the Sberbank was promoted by the new US/EU-Ukraine puppet government.

So basically Putin has disconnected short-mid-term low risk exchange and lending for the people and smaller commerce from high risk commercial and state bulk investment lending which is (still) pegged to the dollar and under direct regime of Rotshchild-banking. And he made a 1st step to disconnect the exclusive money issuing by the fraudulent common mandatory debt according to the same Rotschild system.

The 1st disconnection existed on mainland Europe just not too long ago (before 2006) which has brought Europe the highest living standard in the world. This entanglement has been proposed already several times after the financial crash of 2007/8. But as all banks in the west are now in the hands of few big private commercial financial barons with exclusive right to issue electronic currency (debt), they have refused, aka lobby strong against it from the highest top (BIS and Trilateral Commission), so will never pass any government or EU. It evens needs breaking up treaties and guidelines.

It would be a step forward indeed, but as long as common electronic currency can be created exclusively by private privileged entities from nearly nothing and backed by nothing, inflated massively by nothing for mandatory common lending/debt at interest (they control and manipulate) on top of it,
we and entire nations remain hijacked…;

we will remain living in a down-spiral of ever less money available, ever more fiercely compete against each other for less cash, burn out ever more, live from disaster to disaster, from crises to crises and from war to war, hence extra spiraled debt for militarism.
And in the process we clearly notice common wealth flowing to the top of the financial pyramid accelerated since 2006, as common services and securities are destroyed…;

at the high expensive of we the people.

There… we have it. Russia is ‘fighting’ hard for its financial sovereignty.


homepic2012Vast lezers van deze Blog begrijpen inmiddels waarom het westerse financiële systeem faalt en zal blijven falen. Het is enkel gebaseerd op fiat-geld dat alleen commerciële banken mogen aanmaken op niets.

Dat niets wordt permanent ‘opgeblazen’ door middel van derivaten zoals swaps en securites. Het kan slechts gedijen bij exponentiële groei van internationale business op basis van de Petrodollar.
Hoe dat disfunctioneert leg ik hier niet meer uit. Daarvoor kunt u het beste deze twee artikelen lezen.

Modern Plofkip Bankieren
The Biggest Scam in History (Youtube)

Ondanks de crash van 2008 is het systeem niet gewijzigd. De gevolgen zijn monsterlijk en permanent. Groei van publieke schuld is en blijft evident binnen dat systeem. Dat leidt continu tot bezuinigingen opgelegd aan het publiek, en tot ‘noodzakelijke’ oorlogen voor expansie van internationale business en die toegang en transport verschaffen van en tot aardse rijkdommen voor consumptie en welvaart. Daarbij vindt een blijvende massale waarde-overheveling plaats van publiek naar private investeerders. Binnen de EU werd het zelfs ‘vastgelast’ met de verdragen van Maastricht en Lissabon.

In de VS wordt het spel gespeeld door continu benoemingen van meest gevreesde Wallstreet-haaien voor topfuncties in staff en regeringen zoals Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner, Lew et cetera. Via de Bank for International Settlements (BIS) en World Trade Organisation (WTO) crashten zij daarbij het systeem in ruil voor megawinsten en superbonussen. Presidenten zijn ‘puppets’. Ze komen aan de macht middels campagne-donaties uit cirkels van Wallstreet, aandeelhouders van de FED waar de ‘haaien’ een sleutelpositie hadden, de BISTrilateral Commission (TLC), WTO, IMF, Bilderberg netwerk, et cetera.

Aan de Europese kant ging het niet anders. Dezelfde corruptie heeft trans-Atlantisch plaatsgevonden met ‘bevriende’ netwerken zoals daar ook zijn de WTO, IMF, TLC, Atlantische Commissie, Bilderberg netwerk, Dexia, Paribas, Shell, BP, Fortis, RBS, Barclays, UBS, ING, Citigroup, ABN Amro, Rabobank, HSBC, Goldman Sachs Europe, Rothschild continuation holdings, IceSave, Deutsche Bank, de ECB, BIS en centrale banken van de lidstaten. Een paar bekende Nederlandse namen: Wellink, Wijffels, Groenink, Hommen, Elco Brinkman, Ruding, Balkenende, Bos, Zalm, de Koningshuizen van GB en Nederland… Denk Europees aan namen zoals Sarkozy, Draghi, Monti, Papandreou, Papadimos, Ackermann, Merkel, Steinbrück, Trichet, Carney, Weber, Tietmeyer, Blair, Brown…

Terug naar goud-backing van geld

goldDiverse grote naties hebben ingezien dat het westerse financiële systeem niet functioneert en hebben zich daarom rond 2010 losgemaakt van de Petrodollar en het IMF, te weten: Brazilië, Rusland, India, China en Zuid-Afrika. Zij vormen de BRICs-landen. Argentinië kwam er bij bij en Japan in de zomer van 2013. Indonesië volgt. Deze landen hebben goed door dat het westerse financiële systeem
faalt en besloten tot bilaterale handel van commodities (olie, gas, goud, zilver, etc) op basis van hun eigen munten in plaats van de Petrodollar. Ook Iran en Syrië staan aan de kant van de BRICs. Iran verkoopt olie en gas op basis van Roebels en de Yuan.
De BRICs-landen besloten begin 2013 een equivalent van het IMF te organiseren; een eigen reserve-instituut om het IMF heen. Oprichting van een eigen investeringsbank werd eveneens overeengekomen.

Welke munt zal de reservemunt van de BRICs-landen worden: de Chinese Yuan.

Voormalig Chinees staatshoofd Hu Jintao kondigde aan de Yuan weer volledig te ‘backen’ met goud. China is al 5 jaar op een rij de grootste goudproducent ter wereld en is snel op weg dit in stilte te realiseren. China cumuleert al jaren enorme goudreserves. Enerzijds produceert het zelf ca. 360 ton per jaar. Anderzijds steeg import van goud jaarlijks tot ver over 400 ton. Officieel rapporteert de Chinese Centrale Bank ca. 1.000 ton goudreserve, maar realistische schattingen tonen 6.000 ton. De VS is met 8.000 ton nog de grootste bezitter van goudreserves, maar dit zal niet lang meer duren.

Big 10 goudmijnen en hun eigenaren

China: Shandong Gold Group is grootste producent ter wereld, expandeert internationaal snel, heeft een enorm eigen financierings-campus en wordt door de staat gecontroleerd.

Canada met Gold Corp en Barrick Gold Corp als grootste producenten naast Yahama, Kinross Gold en Eldorado Gold. Ze hebben eveneens projecten in de US, Brazilië, Chili, Rusland en Ghana.

Australië met Newcrest mining en Focus Minerals Ltd als belangrijkste producenten.
51% Van Focus behoort tot de Chinese Shandong Gold Group.

VS, Newmont Mining. Productie neemt al jaren af.

Rusland met Polyus Gold als grootste gouddelver. Jaarlijkse productiestijging van ca. 5%.

Zuid-Afrika met AngloGold Ashanti en Gold Fields die grotendeels Afrika domineren met Canada.

Winstgevende grote goudmijnen in Afrika bevinden zich momenteel in Ghana en Mali. De meeste in Zuid-Afrika zelf maken geen winst meer. Daarnaast spelen goudmijnen in landen zoals Peru, Indonesië, Uzbekistan, Ghana mee in de top 10.

Mali staat nu nog op plaats 11, maar zal de grootste exporteur in Afrika worden. De mijnen vallen onder Zuid-Afrikaans AngloGold Ashanti. De overheid van Mali heeft 18% aandelen in bezit.

Europa heeft dringend goud nodig

De euro en Petrodollar zijn ‘giftig’. De Yuan heeft wél een gezond fundament met goud als backing.
In stilte zijn er plannen om de euro weer te backen met goud, maar Europa heeft het na WWII opgeslagen in de VS en krijgt het niet terug.

Europa zelf bezit geen goudmijnen en heeft beperkte toegang tot de bestaande; de dichtstbijzijnde prospects zijn Ghana en Mali. China heeft een enorme greep in de wereldvoorraad en breidt het uit.
De Canadese, Australische, Amerikaanse en ook Zuid-Amerikaanse goud-mijnprojecten zijn moeilijk of zelfs niet toegankelijk voor Europa. En de FED weigert Europees goud gewoonweg terug te geven aan landen als Duitsland, Frankrijk en Nederland. Daarnaast daalt goudproductie in de VS. Australisch alsook Zuid-Afrikaans goud gaat grotendeels naar China. Ook Mauretanië is een ex-Franse kolonie en exporteert goud naar Frankrijk en China, maar de productie is relatief gering en niet strategisch.

Brazilië, Rusland, China en Zuid-Afrika zijn BRICs-landen en Indonesië zal zich eveneens aansluiten.

Angela Merkel en Hollande (maar ook Charles de Gaulle al in de jaren 60) hebben door dat het westerse financiële systeem permanent is gecrasht als gevolg van de wijze waarop het monetair ‘giftig’ op niets is gereconstrueerd zoals de US dollar, en ook nog eens gebaseerd op de Petrodollar voor expanderende internationale handel. De schuldenberg neemt dientengevolge alleen maar toe. Merkel vroeg dit jaar niet voor niets het Duitse goud terug. Nederland stelde als volger van Duitsland dezelfde vraag maar dit werd uit het nieuws gehouden. Voor Merkel (dus Rutte) en Hollande is inflatie een ‘no go area’. Dus zit er maar één ding op… Goud roven uit Afrika.

Goudkoorts Mali

Randgold BillboardAl tijdens het vroegere grote rijk van Mali stond het al bekend om de enorme rijkdommen aan goud. Het klaterde er volop. Mali is een voormalige Franse kolonie, maar bleef altijd aan het lijntje. De voertaal is Frans, de munt bleef een afgeleide van de Franc. In 2012 werd er ook Uranium ontdekt. Bovendien werd in datzelfde jaar ontdekt dat grote diamant-aders voor komen. Ondanks alle verhalen in de mainstream-media kan maar één conclusie worden getrokken waarom Frankrijk Mali binnentrok na vondst van Uranium, en vanwege Goud en potentie van diamantwinning… Ouderwets imperialisme. Frankrijk is afhankelijk van kernenergie waarvoor Uranium nodig is, maar bovenal…
Vanwege de goudmijnen in het zuiden. Door het Noorden te bezetten en af te grendelen, wil de Franse overheid voorkomen dat het Zuiden (de mijnstreek) in handen komt van de rebellen. Daar ligt ook de potentie van de diamantaders en het Uranium.


Er speelt meer in het midden en zuiden van Mali. Wie denkt dat het land een soort van woestijn is, kent de situatie niet. Het midden en zuiden van Mali zijn uitermate vruchtbare gebieden. De bevolking bestaat uit kleine boeren die letterlijk van hun land kunnen leven, al vele generaties. De ministers van de pro-westerse regering hadden en hebben vaak rondetafelgesprekken met grote landbouw-investeerders uit GB, VS, Frankrijk en Nederland om de Malinese landbouw te intensiveren.

De boeren willen hun land niet verkopen, omdat ze niets met geld hebben. Voor deze boeren is hun land het gegarandeerde levensmiddel van bestaan; hun levensgarantie, dat van hun families en kinderen. De regering heeft echter land-opkoopprogramma’s opgezet, gepromoot door lokale radio’s. Weerstand is echter groot. De investeerders willen o.m. suikerrietproductie en andere landbouw sterk intensiveren. 

Suiker(riet) is al een belangrijk exportproduct, maar de investeerders en regering willen méér winst. Onbelangrijk voor de boeren. Zij kunnen immers leven van hun land zonder geld en dus zonder schuld. Weerstand bleef aan. Het land ombouwen naar intensieve productie betekent dat ze óf hun land moeten verkopen zonder alternatieve middelen van bestaan, óf dure westerse zaden moeten kopen. Die zaden zijn duur, omdat een grote ‘race’ gaande is door elk patent van elke soort op te kopen.

Vooral Monsanto heeft een wereldwijd agressief opkoopprogramma van zaden. Alleen in Nederland zijn die technologische zaden vrij verhandelbaar, maar in de rest van de wereld meestal niet. Een firma zoals Monsanto bouwt een werkelijke monopolie-positie uit… en dupeert zo de landbouw, en vooral arme boeren in Afrika die gedwongen worden naar westers kapitalisme. Noem deze gehele methode maar gerust imperialisme.

Verkoop betekent verlies van een gegarandeerd levensmiddel van bestaan. Ombouwen betekent schulden (microkrediet). Zowel de opkoop van de gronden als microkrediet werkt volgens de methode van Modern Plofkip Bankieren, maar is voor de boeren zonder geld direct een woekerproduct vanwege hoge rente. En loonslaven, dat willen de mensen niet. Waarom zouden ze, ze konden immers levens van hun land en zonder geld en schuld. 

De investeerders en pro-westerse regering willen hun zin en dus kwam landonteigening op gang. Dit leidt tot ontheemding en verarming voor de lokalen en mogelijk vele vluchtelingen later terug op zoek naar zekerheid. Landonteigening voor uranium, diamant en goudwinning werkt op dezelfde manier.

De Malinese bevolking verliest keihard hun soevereiniteit voor ordinair westers gewin. Het zijn simpelweg ingrediënten voor oorlog, rebellie en slachtoffers. En vanzelf spinnen de vele zgn. goede doelen er later ook weer volop garen bij. Zie Goede doelen als Geldmachines.

Wie zijn de Milanese rebellen

Op Tv zien we uiteraard weer volop ant-islam propaganda, sharia en jihadisten. Maar 90% van de Malinese bevolking is al islamiet en sharia wordt in geen enkel islamitisch land toegepast. Het is van toepassing in Iran en heeft enkel betrekking op familiezaken en erfrecht. Daar is niets engs aan, maar anders dan westerse begrippen. Bovendien erkent de islam westerse universele rechten van de mens niet, omdat het niet compleet is volgens islamitisch moreel. De verbeterde universele islamitische verklaring van mensenrechten werd in 1981 overeengekomen binnen de islamitische gemeenschap. Daarin werd onder meer opgenomen dat mensen per definitie recht hebben op eerste levensbehoeften zoals onderdak en voedsel. In het westen zijn dat géén basisrechten. En binnen de neoliberale wereld is dat al helemaal geen basisrecht. Je moet er voor werken, en steeds meer voor steeds minder. Zo werkt het binnen de islam niet. Voedsel moet er altijd gedeeld worden en islamieten doen dat daarom altijd ruimhartig zonder aanzien des persoons. Het strookt allemaal niet met de westerse kapitalistische socio-economische gedachte.

Ik ben geen voorstander van enig georganiseerd geloof, omdat ik van mening ben dat het voornamelijk ellende veroorzaakt, polarisatie, discriminatie, intolerantie, onwetendheid, verdomming der mensen en halsstarrigheid.

Maar de eentonige anti-islam-geluid (rebellen, jihadisten, terroristen) in onze westerse media, daar moeten we niet meer in trappen, de geopolitieke achtergrond kennende.

Het zijn strijders vóór soevereiniteit… los van de westerse kapitalistische socio-economische val… ofwel los van imperialisme. De Toearegs strijden met hen. Ze streden in Libië, steunden Qadhafi en kwamen zwaar bewapend terug. Waarom? Qadhafi was weliswaar een vreemde vogel, maar had de GoudDinar geïntroduceerd en begon zo olie op basis van Roebels te verkopen…
Hij vormde zo een volledig soevereine staat. Foute boel voor de Petrodollar (dus ook voor de euro en Europa). Het land werd gedestabiliseerd en Qadhafi vermoord. Van een Arabische lente was daarom nooit sprake.

Men hoort het NOS-journaal en RTL-nieuws nooit zeggen: “Franse troepen hebben met steun van GB hun voormalige kolonie Mali ingenomen omdat zij met Nederland en Duitsland ernstig verlegen zitten om goud. Maar Mali heeft wat het zij hebben willen. Daarom gaat het ‘vrije Westen’ Mali bevrijden van haar goud, zoals het Libië heeft bevrijd van haar aardolie”.

Onze westerse media toont nooit de waarheid vanwege hoge concentratie van neoliberale macht en eenkennigheid. Dat ga ik hier niet toelichten. Hoe dat zit kunt u hier lezen:

Economy, War and Realism.
De Nederlandse spin-, en leugen-media wordt hier uitgelegd: Welcome to the Real World.

Uitbuiting en Imperialisme anno 2013

Grote schandalen werden al getoond dat kinderen in de Malinese goudmijnen werken. Die zijn eigendom van het Zuid-Afrikaanse AngloGold Ashanti. Dit bedrijf kreeg eerder de rating “het meest immorele bedrijf ter wereld”. De Malinese overheid is pro-westers en heeft 18% van de aandelen. Maar de bevolking is de armste ter wereld en crepeert. Dat rebellen strijden voor een soevereine situatie. Dit is een zéér begrijpelijke zaak. De as Frankrijk-GB-Nederland-Duitsland zal echter alles doen het te onderdrukken en te voorkomen.

Het bewijst wederom aan dat geld en kostbaarheden volgens het westerse kapitalistische socio-economisch model publieke welvaart vermindert waar het aan de macht is en zelfs vernietigt. Voor ons als burgers in Europa, en helemaal voor de allerarmste zoals in Afrika. Het vernietigt zelfs mensenlevens op grote schaal onder het mom van continu grote leugens en ernstige misleidingen.

En het toont aan waarom Mali voor Europa zo belangrijk is… Ouderwets imperialisme… en het westerse geldsysteem dat totaal ontspoorde door massale trans-Atlantische hebzucht en corruptie.


Many attempts have been made to inform about the fraudulent, destructive scheme of our currencies; based on nothing and backed by nothing. Most attempts were outdated but they have sparked critical thinkers able to expose the scam via superb recent work in line with current time.

How it is a Ponzi scheme, why and how it creates economic downfall and why it is legalised fraud.
The Euro and British Pound work the same way like all western currencies. So not the US dollar only.
On top, the US dollar is agreed upon being the western reserve currency for international trade.

This Blog is to expose the scam which is quite the read. But now for the first time i finally came across profound visuals explaining our toxic currency system. A true master piece.

Watch the video – an untold scam upfront adds

The video refers to 10% bank reserves. They actualy were reduced to 0-2% under the Basel accords
for all Tier-1 capital since 2002. This is base capital to be multiplied to 100% by Insurance banks and Investment banks by a Swap first. It’s a ‘security’ and it’s pure ‘Air’.
Basically it insures/guarantees the 0-2% for 100%. That 100% is then to be lend at interest for European and American government bonds (government public debt), mortgages and pension funds.
The Swap is: the Insurance bank insures 0-2% for 100% and gets a premium from the Investment bank from interest received from the 100%. But the 100% didn’t exist in the first place !!

We all people in the West pay interest and taxes on 98-100% Air ?? Yes we do !!
This scam upfront by Swaps isn’t even addressed in the video but caused the collapse in 2008.

Reserves for Tier-1 capital are to be at least 7% in 2019 which is still a joke. It will crash again !!

The Basel accords are part of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The FED is privately owned and holds a dominant seat. The BIS sets all western banking rules and isn’t a government entity. 

Latest research exposes the major owners of the FED:
Bank of New York, JP Morgan Chase (Rockefeller, JP Morgan), Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo, Citigroup (Blackstone Group, The Vanguard Group, Fidelity Investments, State Street Global Investors, Capital Research and Management).

I can also add that most top government officials and advisors derive from the above mentioned banking networks as links and ‘moles’. Just a few examples as very tip of the iceberg:
Paulson came from Goldman Sachs. Geithner from FED NY and JP Morgan. Jack Lew is ex-Citigroup.
In Europe it’s no different, just much more scattered since each EU member has its own government.
For details i suggest the following articles:
Modern Plofkip Bankieren (Dutch, short read)
Economy War and Realism (English, long read).

Enjoy this video and do spread the word. All people are to become aware of it !


Sinds 1980 tot en met de val van het laatste Kabinet Balkenende had het CDA de naam van stabiele factor in de Nederlandse politiek. Hoe kwam de klad er in. Waarom is Nederland deze partij zo beu…

Het CDA domineert met de VVD als tandem overal, wereldwijd, in gemeenten, bij wereldbanken, en in uw Tv. Door de jaren kwamen alom misstanden boven. Het CDA staat voor machtsmisbruik, corruptie, leugens, misleiding, kartelvorming, het willens en wetens opdrijven van prijzen, verdwijning van belastinggeld, fraude in vastgoed, woekerwinsten uit gemeentegronden en deelname aan onlegitieme oorlogshandelingen.

De geschiedenis herhaalt zich sinds de jaren 70.

Voorzitter Raad van State, CDA: Piet Hein Donner. Schimmig benoemd vanuit z’n ministerambt.
Voorzitters 1e kamer 1973 – heden, CDA/CHU, m.u.v. 3 regeringsperioden, waarvan 1 zeer kort.
Voorzitter Bouwend Nederland, CDA: Elco Brinkman. Bestuursvoorzitter ABP, vicevoorzitter VNO/NCW, lid Raad van Commissarissen BMC (Beleidsadvies en Management Consultants voor de publieke sector), voorzitter Raad van Commissarissen Rabo-Vastgoed Groep, centrale figuur van de omstreden Zuidas. Rabo-Vastgoed is de financiële spil in de bedenkelijke Noord-Zuid-lijn.
Herman Wijffels, CDA, 1981-2008: voorzitter Rabobank NL, voorzitter SER, bewindvoerder Wereldbank.
Marja van Bijsterveldt-Vliegenthart, CDA: ex-minister OCW waarvan Media en dus Publieke Omroep.

Henk Hagoort, CDA: voorzitter raad van bestuur Nederlandse Publieke Omroep. Recent overgestapt naar PvdA, juist voordat Samsom omhoog werd geschoten door de media en de OCW-post van Bijsterveldt-Vliegenthart werd overgenomen door een PvdA-minister.
Frits Wester, CDA, verlaggever voor RTL en ingehuurd door NPO, media trainer, coach Elco Brinkman.
Publieke zenders: CDA wordt dominant dagelijks uitgenodigd in alle praatshows, het is propaganda.
Sybrand van Haersma Buma: werd tijdens het CDA-lijstrekkersdebat continu het dichtst bij de presentator geplaatst en kreeg de meeste beeldseconden met georchestreerd applaus.
Koningshuis, pro CDA: beslissende informateurs waren altijd CDA/CHU m.u.v. periode Kok.
Royal Shell, commissariaat: stille seculier neoliberale CDU-ers zoals Jozef Ackermann, CEO Deutsche Bank tot mei 2012 (Angela Merkel is CDU/CSU en zeer warm bevriend).
Ben Bot: Minister BZ nadat Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (i.v.m. met benoeming secretaris-generaal NAVO), voorzitter Instituut Clingendael, voorzitter RvC Finles Capital Management, bestuursvoorzitter Wereldomroep, RvC Deutsche Bank Nederland.

Zijn CDA-ers de patriciërs, ofwel de muppets voor de seculiere neoliberale superelite, het lijkt er op…
We gaan terug in de tijd naar de opmaat van het neoliberalisme, rond 1970, en de activatie vanaf 1980.

Foute man Nout Wellink, CDA… nazaat en architect van de destructie

De B.I.S., Bank for International Settlement, werd opgericht in 1930 door de presidenten van de Central Bank of England, Montagu Norman en Centrale Duitse Reichsbank, Hjalmar Schacht, later Adolf Hitler’s minister van financiën. De fam. Rothschild is financier van beide banken en de B.I.S, al zijn aandelen inmiddels afgebouwd. Dat neemt niet weg dat hun eeuwenoude perverse principe van seculier liberaal Joods (=zionistisch) bankieren nog altijd de heersende methode is. Bankbeleid en regels worden in de B.I.S. bedacht en met haar speciale commissie de Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) in de wereldpolitiek gepusht. Wellink was voorzitter van 2002-2006 en daarna t/m 2011 van de BCBS.

Maar u leest het goed… de minister van Hitler was de centrale bankier van Duitsland en heeft de B.I.S. mede opgericht. Op dit moment zit onder andere Mario Draghi in het bestuur, tevens president van de ECB en voormalig vice president van Goldman Sachs.

Wellink begon op het Ministerie van Financiën, en komt inmiddels uit een ‘oceaan’ van driehoeks-functies binnen het internationale financiële stelsel.
1970-1982:    Ministerie van Financiën, waar hij omklom tot algemene schatkistbewaarder.
1982-1997:    Directielid DNB, De Nederlandse Bank (centrale bank van Nederland).
1997-2011:    President DNB.
1999-2011:    Lid raad van bestuur ECB.
2005-heden:   Trilaterale Commissie (TLC), naast Ruding, Rinnooy Kan, Weijers en Voorhoeve.

2002-2006:    Voorzitter B.I.S.
2006-2011:    BCBS.
????-heden:   lid van Financial Stability Board.
????-heden:   Governor IMF.

Dit zijn allemaal functies in de top van de internationale privé bankierdynastieën. Vooral de TLC is een ernstige belangenverstrengeling met DNB aangezien TLC een privé-organisatie is, opgericht door o.m. David Rockefeller en Alan Greenspan in 1973. De naam suggereert een Amerikaanse overheids-organisatie te zijn, maar is privé van de Rockefellers. Op deze instelling is veel kritiek, omdat het wordt gezien als de machtsdriehoek van de heersende elite.

Wellink bezocht meerdemalen de omstreden Bilderbergconferentie. En in zijn functie als president van DNB werd hij weinig daadkrachtig optreden verweten. Hij verklaarde voor de Commissie De Wit dat hij de kredietcrisis niet zag aankomen, hetgeen totale nonsense is, hij is er de constructeur van.

Zo is hij de drijvende krachtt achter de Bazel-akkoorden. Hierin werd besloten dat het eigen vermogen van een bank in 2019 nog altijd maar een belachelijke 7% hoeft te zijn voor leningen aan staten en vastgoed, i.p.v. de nog altijd geldende perverse 2% en zelfs 0%. Dus verandert vrijwel niets.
M.a.w., met bijna niets kan een bank tot 100% vermogen uitlenen aan landen en vastgoed tegen rente gerekend over 100%. Dus 2% eigen geld mogen banken met een waarde van 50x uitgelenen, winsten daaruit opstapelen en fractioneel doorverkopen als steeds 100% en rente ontvangen over steeds die 100%.
Met 0% – dus volledig geleend geld –  mogen ze dat geleend geld een verkoopwaarde geven zo hoog als ze willen en hetzelfde spel spelen… fractioneel steeds doorverkopen voor zo veel waarde als ze willen met rente over steeds die doorverkoopwaarde… daarvan winst stapelen en weer doorverkopen
op dezelfde wijze… Monsterlijk pervers.

Dus dankzij Wellink… mag ik als bank geldwaarde maken als een plofkip, en wel zo…

Ik heb 300 Euro en mag een parpiertje kopen (Credit Default Swap) van een verzekeringsbank waarmee het een waarde krijgt van 15.000. Die waarde van 15.000 leen ik uit (hoofdsom). De lener moet het met winst omzetten met handel of, als hij een bank is, de lening doorverkopen voor 50 x 10.000 = 500.000 (hoofdsom). Een AAA-verzekeringsbank garandeert elke hoofdsom steeds met een Credit Default Swap. De verzekeringsbank hoeft (net als ik) echter ook maar 2% of minder eigen vermogen te hebben. Van de 15.000 vang ik van mijn leningnemer 6% dividend per maand en betaal de verzekeringsbank 1% per kwartaal. Verkoopt degene aan wie ik geleend heb mijn lening door waardoor zijn uitleenhoofdsom 500.000 wordt, dan krijg ik ook nog een klein percentage van die hoofdsom, en de verzekeringsbank 1% per kwartaal van 500.000.

Zo word ik met 300 Euro snel pervers zeer rijk ja, en kan gemakkelijk een grote oorlog financieren wat zeer lucratief is, want met oorlogsproductie is continu vraag naar financiering van megagroei van productie. Als de oorlog alles kapot heeft, kom ik als bankier met een geheel nieuw systeem, want… dan moet alles anders… Via mijn CDA-lijn komt er een koninginswissel zodat de nieuwe tijd echt lijkt.
Als er geen oorlog is, de lener z’n omzet verliest en mij dus geen dividend kan uitkeren, krijg ik de 15.000 altijd nog via de verzekeringsbank… De doorlener van mijn 15.000 moet zelfs 500.000 terugkrijgen van de verzekering. Een destructieve constructie… aangezien die verzekeringsbank met
de 2%-regel maar een beetje echt geld in kas heeft, dus valt om zoals AIG, Lehman, Fortis-ABN, Griekenland, Spanje…

Banken mogen dus 50x hun extreem kleine eigen vermogen uitlenen. Maar u, ik, bedrijven en overheden mogen hooguit 2 tot 3x lenen, dit is o.a. de norm die Zalm had gekapitteld in het Euro-verdrag waar landen zich nu keihard aan moeten houden.

In dec. 2007 komt het EU-verdrag van Lissabon er ook nog door, gestuurd door de B.I.S. en ECB. Daarmee mogen EU-landen niet meer goedkoop lenen bij de ECB, maar moeten verplicht naar het peperdure Wallstreet en The City om voornoemd geldspel te starten.
Dat verdrag is ook nog eens de doorgedrukte ‘grondwet’ van de EU die Nederlanders bij enquête hadden afgewezen, maar later werd doorgedrukt door Balkenende.

U begrijpt… in zo’n systeem is groei een moet. En miljarden moeten stromen van de overheid (burger) naar de megabanken, anders implodeert dit piramide plofspel direct. 

Wellink is de meest foute man die de gehele financiële plofkip dominant heeft geconstrueerd… Vervolgens zegt hij het niet aan te hebben zien komen… Zo’n man wordt vervolgens ultiem beloond met een plaats naast ex-Minister van Financiën en ex-voorzitter IMF Ruding in de wereldmachtinge TLC
Zo’n man kan een WWIII veroorzaken…

Foute man Onno Ruding, CDA… en de verdwenen miljarden

Onno Ruding werd bekend als minister van Financiën namens het CDA van 1982 tot 1989, in kabinetten Lubbers I en II. Hij ging in 1965 werken op het ministerie van Financiën en klom in korte tijd op tot hoofd van Internationale Monetaire Zaken. In 1969 promoveerde hij cum laude op het proefschrift:
‘Naar één geïntegreerde Europese kapitaalmarkt?’.
Een neoliberaal stuk dat de basis vormt van Nederland als onderdeel van het grote casinobankspel.

In 1971 gaat hij naar de AMRO Bank. Van 1977 tot en met 1980 was hij voorzitter van het Internationale Monetaire Fonds (IMF) in Washington. Naar de AMRO keerde hij in 1981 terug als lid van de raad van bestuur.

Ruding nam als minister van financiën 33 miljard uit het ABP. Niemand weet tot op heden waar het is gebleven en er kwam geen onderzoek. Sterk wordt vermoed dat het werd ingelegd op de kapitaalmarkt via Citibank om Nederland een start te geven in het wereldwijde neoliberale poltiek-bancaire casinospel. Na zijn ministerpost werd hij bestuursvoorzitter van Citibank aan Wallstreet. Feit is, hij en Lubbers hebben Nederland in het kapitale gokspel gestort, benadrukte VPRO’s “Het snelle geld” nog eens.

Vóór het ministerschap was hij voorzitter van het IMF. Een omstreden monetaire wereldorganisatie, omdat het is ontstaan uit de FED dat uit zijn beurt is ontstaan uit de Central Bank of England die beiden worden bezet en gedomineerd door het Rothschild bancaire imperium tot de dag van vandaag.
Het IMF heeft vele omstreden, perverse ontwikkelingen in Zuid-America op z’n geweten en stond in verband met de Vietnam-oorlog. Vele publieke voorzieningen in Zuid-Amrica kwamen in handen van grote Amerikaanse ondernemingen die vervolgens de prijzen opdreven tot grote woede van de bevolking. In de Vietnam-oorlog zijn 58.226 Amerikanen gesneuveld of vermist geraakt.

Overigens is Nederlands-Joods econoom Jacques Polak dé iconische mede-oprichter van het IMF.
Hij onderhandelde namens Nederland tot de oprichting in dec. 1945 en fungeerde als hoofdeconoom en bewindsvoerder. Het IMF’s werkmodel draagt nog steeds zijn naam. De eerste directeur was Camille Gutt die de baas was bij Société Générale de Belgique, de grootste investeringsbank van België opgericht door Koning Willem I. Deze bank is eveneens één van de grondleggers van de EU. Gutt maakte perverse keuzes. Hij had Belgisch-Congo gedwongen om leningen te nemen, terwijl hij in Londen kon beschikken over het grootste deel van het goud van de Nationale Bank. Dat laatste stelde hij liever ter beschikking aan de Central Bank of England.

En uit dit perverse IMF (als voorzitter), kwam Onno Ruding als minister van Financiën… CDA…
Hij liet 33 miljard verdwijnen uit het ABP… en stortte Nederland in het Angelsaksische casinospel.

Na Citibank behoudt Ruding een oceaan van dominante posities in wereldfinanciën, wereld handel, privatisering, EU, Euro, economisch advies en RTL media, zoals:
Commissaris Nationale-Nederlanden, raad van bestuur Unilever, adviseur Robeco, commissaris Philips, kroonlid SER, internationale adviesraad FED, Commissie voor Europese Monetaire Unie,
Advisory Board of the American-European Community Association, voorzitter commissie private financiering infrastructuur, commissaris Bank Nederlandse Gemeente, commissie private financiering infrastructuur, commissaris RTL group, audit commissie RTL group, bestuur UNIAPAC, International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, Europese werkgroep die de internationale kredietcrisis analyseert, Trilaterale Commissie.
Foute man Elco Brinkman, CDA… de megalomane fraudeur

Zijn politieke carrière begon als CDA-minister van Welzijn, Volksgezondheid en Cultuur in 1982, in
het kabinet Lubbers I en II.
 Hij is onder andere de bedenker van de term Zorgzame Samenleving.

In 1987 ontstond er ophef omdat Brinkman het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum te Arnhem wilde sluiten. Dit ging niet door vanwege massaal protest. Brinkman had er een megalomaan bouwproject voorzien.

Kort voor de verkiezingen in 1994 veroorzaakte hij grote onrust door tegen het NOS Journaal te verklaren dat de bevriezing van uitkeringen ook moest gelden voor de AOW.  De verkiezingen leverden het CDA een historisch verlies op (van 54 naar 34 zetels) en Brinkman trad af als fractievoorzitter ten gunste van Enneüs Heerma.
Een jaar later verliet hij de landelijke politiek en werd Brinkman voorzitter van het Algemeen Verbond Bouwbedrijf. Eind 2004 fuseerde het met BouwNed, VIANED, Bolegbo-vok, vocBetonbouw en WRI tot Bouwend Nederland, waarvan Brinkman sindsdien voorzitter is. Maxime Verhagen (ook weer CDA) neemt de functie in 2013 over.

In november 2001 onthulde het televisieprogramma Zembla illegale prijsafspraken in de bouwnijverheid bij opdrachten van de overheid. De voormalige directeuren van het bouwbedrijf Koop Tjuchem, Ad Bos, toonden een schaduwboekhouding over 1988-1998 waaruit deze frauduleuze praktijken zouden blijken.

Brinkman moest verschijnen voor de Parlementaire enquêtecommissie ‘Bouwfraude’.
De geheime schaduwadministratie en de afhandeling rond de affaire rond de Schipholtunnel vormde de aanleiding voor de parlementaire enquête en bleken slechts het topje van de ijsberg te zijn. 
In het eindverslag concludeert de commissie dat er sprake is geweest van grootschalige fraude in de bouw. Bouwbedrijven maakten onderlinge prijsafspraken en verdeelden het werk, waardoor er geen concurrentie was, geheel tegen de Europese regels in. Gemiddeld werd 8,8 procent te veel in rekening gebracht, waardoor de staat vele honderden miljoenen euro’s te veel heeft betaald. Hoe hoog de schade precies is, kon niet worden berekend. Het systeem leidde tot prijsopdrijving en tot afname van concurrentie en technologische vernieuwing in de bouw, volgens de commissie. Bovendien hielden overheidsfunctionarissen te weinig afstand tot de bouwers, met alle risico’s van belangenverstrengeling. Uit de openbare verhoren van eind deze zomer en uit ‘schaduwadministraties’ blijkt dat er sinds jaar en dag systematisch illegale marktafspraken zijn gemaakt door zeker zeshonderd bedrijven. De grote concerns in de grond-, weg- en waterbouw zaten in “kartelachtige structuren”.

Stichting Philadelphia Zorg. In 2008 eisten de vakbonden Elco Brinkman’s vertrek daar, omdat hij mede verantwoordelijk werd gehouden voor miljoenentekorten. Uit onderzoek van het College Sanering Zorginstelling (CSZ) bleek begin januari 2009 dat er sprake was van megalomaan wanbeleid en dat het toezicht door de Raad van Commissarissen ernstig gefaald had.

Brinkman heeft zich tot nu toe ongegeneerd opgesteld als vertegenwoordiger van private partijen.
1982-heden… houdt u vast…
bestuursvoorzitter ABP, vicevoorzitter VNO/NCW, commissaris NOB (media uitzendproces),
voorzitter Raad van Commissarissen Rabo-Vastgoed Groep, commissaris FGH Bank,
centrale figuur van de omstreden Zuidas, commissaris Amstelland Vastgoed,
Taskforce (her)ontwikkeling bedrijventerreinen, Algemene Pensioen groep,
Raad van Toezicht Pensioen- en Verzekeringskamer, voorzitter visitatiecommissie grotestedenbeleid, voorzitter Raad van Commmissarissen Cultuurfonds Triodos Bank,
Raad van Toezicht VU, voorzitter Centraal Fonds voor de Volkshuisvesting, commissie platform begeleiding grote railinfrastructuur projecten, voorzitter Ned. Rode Kruis, VROM, comissariss Philip Morris, commissaris Du Pont, voorzitter Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Raad van Toezicht Staatsbosbeheer, voorzitter commissie sanering specifieke uitkeringen binnenlandse zaken, commissaris AWBZ, Raad van Toezicht woningstichting Amsterdam-Zaanstreek-Waterlandcommissaris, commissaris  voorzitter adviescommissie innovatiemogelijkheden gedrukte pers, BMC (Beleidsadvies en Management Consultants voor de publieke sector), commissaris Nieuwpoort Beheer.

In plaats van huizen kregen we leegstaande kantoren. Dankzij zulke CDA-bestuurders werd Nederland overspoeld met appartementen en de vinex-rommel. Dankzij CDA-bestuurders zoals hem zijn miljarden verdwenen in voortgaande megalomane bouwprojecten en verdwenen miljarden met fraudes. Dankzij CDA-bestuurders zoals als hem blijven gorte overheidsprojecten massaal mislukken met miljardenverliezen… miljarden die verdwijnen in de grijpgrage handen van bouwend Nederland en de Rabo (de bank waar hij commissaris is).
Foute man Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, CDA… de oorlogs muppet van Bush

Hij begon bij D66 en stapte over naar het CDA in 1982. Bij de verkiezingen van 2002 werd het CDA de grootste partij en op 22 juli 2002 trad het kabinet Balkenende I aan, met De Hoop Scheffer als Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, een functie die hij een jaar later ook in kabinet Balkenende II zou vervullen.

Direct volgde hij klakkeloos het schrikbewind van Bush. Bush, die keihard had gelogen over aanwezigheid van massavernietigingswapens in Irak. De Hoop Scheffer bood aan 1100 militairen te sturen voor operatie Freedom. Omdat het omstreden was, verklaarde hij pervers dat het een politieke missie was, geen militaire. Maar twee militairen kwamen om.
Na een officieel bezoek met Balkenende aan Bush in september 2003 in de oval office, werd op 22 september bekend dat hij de nieuwe secretaris-generaal van de NATO werd. Dit betekende dat hij Bush mocht bezoeken op z’n ranch. Bush wilde een agressievere aanpak op de Taliban in Afghanistan.
Onmiddellijk begon De Hoop Scheffer aan te dringen op een grotere bijdrage van de NATO zoals de ISAF. Hij rapporteerde dat de NATO-soldaten de olie- en gasleidingen naar het Westen moesten verdedigen, en een algemene protectie van zeeroutes die gebruikt werden door tankers and andere cruciale infrastructuur van de energievoorziening.

Jaap de Hoop scheffer wordt er van verdacht de Jundallah-leider Abdolmalek Rigi ontmoet te hebben in Afghanistan. Het kwam later uit dat dit een terroisten-cel in Pakistan was, gelinkt met al-Queda, en gesteund werd door de CIA om huis te houden in Iran. Rigi werd in in 2010 in Iran gevangen genomen en geëxecuteerd. NATO ontkent alle beschuldigingen, maar medewerkers van de CIA hadden documenten duidelijk als bewijs gelekt.

De Hoop Scheffer was aanwezig op de Bilderbergconferentie in 2003, 2005, 2007 en 2009. 
In 2009 trad hij af als grootste man bij de NATO na een hartaanval. In 2010 werd hij vicevoorzitter van de Atlantische Commissie. Niet vreemd, omdat die commissie in 1952 werd opgericht door David Rockefeller (met Rothschild als zijn investeringsbank) en Bernhard van Lippe-Biesterveld. Daaruit volgde de Bilderberggroep en de EEG, met daar aan gekoppeld de investeringsbank via Deutsche Bank (eigendom van Rothschild die o.a. tevens grooteigenaar is van de Central Bank of England, FED, en het IMF).

In 2011 werd De Hoop Scheffer op voordracht van de regering benoemd tot non-executive director (commissaris) bij Air France KLM. Hij heeft Frits Bolkestein vervangen die eerder deze positie bekleedde. Hoe toevallig kan het zijn dat Camiel Eurlings (CDA) een topfunctie kreeg bij de KLM.

Foute man Jan Peter Balkenende, CDA… de zolder professor

Een desastreuze periode voor Nederland. Hij maakte van het land een pervers belastingparadijs voor ondernemers met destructieve gevolgen. De vennootschapsbelasting werd de laagste in Europa. Het gevolg is dat Nederland vol kwam te staan met grote wereldorganisaties die hier wel hun belasting wilden afdragen, maar hun winsten vervolgens doorsluisden, en die hier dus ook géén werkgelegenheid creëerden. Perverse banken zoals Icesave vestigden zich hier met alle gevolgen van dien. Het hebben van de laagste belastingen voor bedrijven is de grootste disaster die een land kan overkomen en er wordt tot op de dag van vandaag misbruikt van gemaakt.

Jan Peter was de premier van Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, de oorlogs muppet van Bush.

Onder Balkenende vond verdere privatisering plaats, megafusies en opsplitsing van nutsvoorzieningen waarbij de vrije markt controle kreeg. Vele misstanden kwamen boven zoals de bouwfraude (zie Elco Brinkman), mega-budgetoverschrijding van overheidsprojecten met enorme stagnaties en grote misstanden van ziekenhuizen en woningscoöperaties. Via Wouter Bos en de VVD bleef de koers keihard neoliberaal met totale uitholling van de economie. De accijns op diesel werd verhoogd. Een ramp voor vervoersbedrijven, één van de meest cruciale sectoren van Nederland.

Balkenende kreeg een negatief resultaat over de enquete van de Europese grondwet. Geen mens begreep het. Later heeft hij het in de vorm van ‘Het verdrag van Lissabon’ in dec. 2007 in stilte er doorheen gejast, zodat de EU en z’n grootbank Deutsche Bank haar macht en greep naar publieke gelden kon versterken.

In 2006 werd de dekkingsgraad van pensioenen afhankelijk gemaakt van de onstabiele marktrente. Voorheen was deze gekoppeld aan de stabiele wettelijke rekenrente. Geen mens die van deze maatregel weet, maar het gevolg was dat er zogenaamd problemen ontstonden met pensioenpotten en gekort werd, terwijl er zo’n 1000 miljard in de gezamenlijke kassen zit (Henk Kamp draaide het in 2012 weer terug omdat het de investeringsbanken nu beter uit komt).

In 2007 werd met het verdrag van Lissabon voor landen onmogelijk gemaakt goedkoop direct te lenen
bij de ECB, zodat ze waren aangewezen op de ‘markt’ met veel duurdere marktrente die ook nog eens afhankelijk is van rating agencies. Hierna volgde de crisis… niet raar… exact de juiste formule.

Vervolgens moesten systeembanken zoals ING en ABN voor miljarden worden gered.

Hij liet een economische ramp achter en had zeer weinig contact met achterban en burgers.
Foute man Gerrit Zalm, VVD… de brute rekenaar van PvdA-CDA en de EU

In 1975 trad Zalm in dienst van het ministerie van Financiën. Hij begon als medewerker bij het bureau Economische Aangelegenheden van de afdeling Begrotingsvoorbereiding. Onder Onno Ruding werd Zalm in 1983 plaatsvervangend directeur Algemene Economische Politiek op het Ministerie van Economische Zaken. In 1985 werd hij directeur van dezelfde directie. In 1984 was hij overgestapt van
de PvdA naar de VVD. Van 1994 tot 22 juli 2002 was hij namens de VVD Minister van Financiën in het eerste en tweede kabinet Kok waar we hem van kennen.

Zalm was actief betrokken bij de omvorming van de EG naar de EU. Het vedrag van Maastricht werd ondertekend op 7 februari 1992 ter oprichting van de EU. O.a. werd in het verdrag bepaald dat er een Economische en Monetaire Unie (EMU) gevormd zou worden, met een gemeenschappelijke munteenheid, die de ‘euro’ genoemd zou worden. Voor de invoering van de monetaire unie werd een Europese begrotingsdiscipline afgesproken, de zogenaamde “Maastrichtnorm”. 

De Europese begrotingsdiscipline is een kapitteling van Gerrit Zalm. 
De groei van het tekort van een lid-staat mag de 3%-norm (van het Bbp) niet of slechts incidenteel overschrijden, op straffe van een boete. Dit tekort bestaat uit de saldi op de begroting van de landelijke overheid (financieringstekort), de saldi van begrotingen van lagere overheden en sociale fondsen.
De staatsschuld zou ten hoogste 60% van het Bbp mogen bedragen.

Het zijn monsterlijke eisen. Ze zijn onmogelijk generiek op te leggen aan alle landen, alleen al omdat resources en de cheografisch-economische positie van elk lid-staat enorm verschillen. Het brute is daarbovenop dat het banken mogelijk werd gemaakt om maar liefst met 98% schuld woekerwinsten te stapelen door middel van leverage, maar regeringen van lid-staten werden wrede eisen opgelegd.

Monsterlijk absurd:
Alle gewone bedrijven, organisaties, banken, u en ik berekenen hun tekorten simpelweg op een feitelijke tekort-norm, een maximaal percentage van het totale vermogen. Als u 1000 Euro bezit (inclusief inkomsten), mag u niet meer dan x-keer schuld hebben. Zo worden u en ik en bedrijven beoordeeld door banken bij het aangaan van een schuld. Zo was dat ook in regeringen van 1983-1993.
Zalm berekende het opeens over het Bruto Binnenlands Product (Bbp), ofwel wat we in Nederland met z’n allen in een jaar omzetten.
Die absurde norm is overgenomen in het verdrag van Maastricht, gekapitteld door Gerrit Zalm.
Het komt er op neer dat het feitelijke tekort niet meer mag zijn dan ca. 45% van de rijksfinanciën.
U, ik en bedrijven worden nog strakker afgesneden. En tegelijkertijd wordt het banken toegestaan met 98% of 100% schulden te spelen in de vorm van staatsleningen en hypotheken, letterlijk het geld van de overheid en burgers (vanaf 2019 mogen ze nog altijd met 93% met geleend staatsgeld op winstbejag).

45% Is wurgnorm. Bijna geen land kan daar ooit aan voldoen. 

Intussen destabiliseren landen, terwijl lid-staten als Duitsland zelf geen enkel politiek thema van die normen maken voor hun eigen financiën. Duitsland heeft bijvoorbeeld ca. 80% schuld, groeit en lost het af in betere tijden. En dat is een zeer gezonde politiek. Maar Nederland en Duitsland kapittelen andere landen keihard. Nederlandse CDA-VVD-D66-politici blijven er als ‘kleuters’ aan vast klampen vanwege pure prestige en politiek gekrakeel… En banken… ze lachen door met hun norm van 98% – 100%.

Zalm heeft een biljoenenstroom richting grootbanken met hun monsterlijke casinospel met miljarden overheidsgelden verder mogelijk gemaakt, en publiek geld (belastingen) wordt keihard afgeknepen.

Levenslange bezuinigingen zijn een aanslag op onze financiële welvaart…